Video Game Demo

With a very real and relatable sound, Jeremy’s acting style is well suited for video game voice acting work. Some of his favorite character archetypes are friendly and intelligent, mad scientist, coward, and colloquial talking college kid (Yessir). The  game dialogue can be formal and set long ago. It can be casual and set last week. Or, if you are daring, can be set 200 years later. Regardless, he adapts and delivers grounded performances with great comedic timing. His vocal range is mid level baritone, which allows for deep and booming, or youthful and meek. 


And he does exertions and efforts, which you game directors seem to care about! Specifically he does hand to hand or sword combat and death noises well. He finds ways to creatively make exertions and efforts sound as real as possible while taking into consideration the nature of the character and setting of the scene. (And not annoy is friends and fellow actors). For example, if a character is nerdy and wimpy, it probably won’t have proper breath technique like an experienced fighter or boxer when punching!  Whatever video game character he plays, he is mindful of his range and power. 


On a more personal level, Jeremy loves the game industry (Yes, I bet you hear it all the time). He grew up playing consoles such as Nintendo (64, gamecube, gameboy, ds, wii), Playstation (1, 2, 3), Xbox (360, One), etc. I also played sega, but that’s for another time. Some of his favorite game franchises are Pokemon, Super Mario, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Crash Bandicoot, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. He also has experience composing game music, and has written several songs or chiptunes for gameboy and NES console.