Narration Demo

With knowledge in several fields, and a friendly, youthful, conversational style, Jeremy tells many stories authentically. He grew up in a family of finance, real estate, aerospace, music, and social work professionals. So, he understands many different points of view. He has a B.S. in Nanoengineering from UC San Diego, and studied an M.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. He also has worked as an engineer. So with two advanced degrees and engineering work, he speaks smoothly and with purpose to clients’ corporate and medical narration needs. Whether it’s AI, cloud, web security, medicine, or biochemistry, Jeremy gets it. 

Other than knowledge, Jeremy is a well versed character actor, which he uses when a narration piece asks for it. His improv skills, sense of humor, and comedic timing add depth and truth to his reads. Vocally, he has a baritone and mid ranged sound. So, he can speak with power at low and high pitches. 

As far as his studio, he uses microphones such as the Senheiser MKH 416, and Neumann TLM103. Jeremy also edits with Adobe Audition. So, he gives clients high quality audio with quick turnaround times.